7th Annual GBR World Congress and Trade and Investment Summits

The 7th Annual Global Business Roundtable World Congress and Trade and Investment Summits held from the 4th to 7th April 2017 registered yet another resounding success. The Congress was themed “Harnessing Africa’s resources for Beneficiation and Industrialisation”. It was planned to interrogate how Africa will be positioned as the last economic frontier and a leading nation of the fourth Industrial revolution. Central to this, would be lessons that Africa should learn from those who have lead revolutions in the past, martial plans to achieve this and the awakening of Africa from her sleep.

This was a timely congress as it had to interrogate the practical development of Africa. “Still licking the scars of past wrongs perpetrated on her, could (Africa) not be magnanimous and practise no revenge? Her hand of friendship scornfully rejected her pleas for justice and fair-play spurned, should she not nonetheless seek to turn enmity into amity? Though robbed of her lands, her independence and opportunities…should she not see her destiny as being that of making a distinctive contribution to human progress and human relationships with a peculiar new African flavour enriched by the diversity of the cultures she enjoys, thus building on the summits of present human achievement an edifice that would be one of the finest tributes to the genius of man?

Africa's qualification for this noble task is incontestable, for her own fight has never been and is not now a fight for conquest of land, for accumulation of wealth or domination of peoples, but for the recognition and preservation of the rights of man and the establishment of a truly free world for a free people, a world free economically, free socially, a spiritually free Africa that has reverence for God and his laws contained in the holiest scriptures Deuteronomy 6:24 says “And the Lord commanded us to do all these statutes, to fear the lord our God for good and always, that he might preserve us alive, as it is at this day”

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